A Good Bath and a Book

A good bath and a book, that’s one of the ways I get some ‘me time’.

As a busy mum of two boys it’s rare I can have a wee without been followed or watched. So why are we then made to feel guilty for having some time to ourselves? I love my boys more than anything in the world, but ocasionally I need a break.

After the usual bedtime routine of bath (with the occasional introduction of Captain Bubblebeard), milk, storytime (Room on the Broom for the hundredth time), singing to ‘Feed the Birds’ (badly, but they seem to like it so that’s ok), and night night kisses etc, HALLELUJA it’s grown up chill time.

But wait, it’s not quite full on chill time is it? There’s still an avalanche of toys to pick up in the living room and kitchen, Playdoh to scrape off the floor, fingerprints on the patio doors to wipe, a dishwasher to be filled, and washing to be folded. Once that’s all tackled it’s about 9pm, and one of three things usually happen; One: I catch up on the TV I’ve recorded. Two: I do any jobs I’ve not had chance to do earlier in the day. Three: I take a bubble bath and read a good book. Number three is definitely a favourite, but I don’t do every night. We’re not made of money you know, Yorkshire Water would be raking it in.

My baths are vastly improved when I’ve had a delivery of my favourite little treat, a Latest In Beauty box. If you’ve never treated yourself to one, then do yourself a favour and get one ordered. No subscription, just a one off payment for a box of little delights. The main aim of the company is to let you try before you buy. They send you a box of amazing samples (some full size), and if you discover one you particularly like, then there we go a perfect match made. I’ve had some fantastic boxes with some gorgeous products such as Nails Inc, Caudalie, Vita Liberata, Boujours, to name a few. So I think I owe a thank you to them for some serious self pampering. You can find them at and peruse their lovely boxes available.

When I get the time I also like to paint my nails although let’s face it they don’t usually take long before they either smudge, break, or chip. This is the state of them now;

Oh dear. Think I may have to start using that nail hardener I purchased. When I have a good nail day and time to do them they can look something like this (according to my Instagram account it was 11 weeks ago since they looked half decent);

I also like make up, although on a normal day I’m lucky to get anymore than a waft of mascara, and a dab of cheek tint applied without a toddler attached to leg. My picture will probably lead you to think otherwise. I can assure you that is not my ‘normal’ look, as much as I would love to it to be. My vintage hair and make up was a birthday makeover treat from my husband. A very beautiful and talented lady called Diablo Rose ( from Le Keux Vintage Salon in Leeds   ( brought out the inner Dita Von Teese in me. I’ve never felt as glamorous. As much as I’d like to say I painted the town red and made the most of my makeover, I didn’t, me and the hubby went for lunch, then home to usual parenting duties, and we watched Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway cuddled up on the sofa once the kids were in bed. The next day I returned to ‘normal’, and I’ve been pretty much ‘normal’ since. When the time is right I’ll be back to Diablo and getting my Von Teese on again.

It’s not about been vain, beautiful, or selfish, it’s about taking a bit of time to feel better about yourself. Happy mum equals happy kids. Don’t be afraid to have a bit of you time, whether it’s to run, go to the gym/spa, bake a cake, meet friends, to go shopping, or even have a spray tan 😉

How do you unwind and have some ‘me time’?

Gem x


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