Poppy Pride

 My eldest son was asking me about his poppy and why people on the TV were wearing them. How do you explain something like that to a nearly three year old? The best I could do was, ‘to remember all of the incredibly heroic people who have lost their lives in their line of duty in hope to save the country they love.’ I’m sure he doesn’t really understand, but as the years go I want both him and his brother to wear a poppy proudly, and remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Today I’m thinking of my Grandad Edward Hebblethwaite, who lost his leg during WWII, and received an MBE on the back of his work as the Secretary for the Scarborough, Bridlington, Hull and District Branch, British Limbless Ex-Servicemen’s Association. I wish my tall tower of a Grandad was here today so my boys could have met him and his squeaky false leg 🙂 Whoever you’re thinking of today, wear your poppy proudly. Lest we forget. 

Gem x


2 thoughts on “Poppy Pride”

  1. That’s lovely Gemma, and our little ones questions about poppies are very sobering. My 2 have been wearing sweet little knitted poppies on their coats. I also wish my grandparents were around to see my boys, they would’ve absolutely doted on them! Your grandad had a brilliant name by the way!

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