My Thoughts are with Paris

Like many of you, I have woken up to hear about the tragic events in Paris. As I sit with my cup of coffee feeding my son his breakfast, all I can think about are the people who will be waking up in a very different world. They should be sat enjoying their coffee with their families, but instead they are grieving a loved one because some delusional and quite frankly brainwashed individuals think it is their duty to take innocent people’s lives to justify their cause (whatever that cause may be). It should be no ones duty to take a life, our duty is to love, it’s that simple. So that said, instead of worrying you don’t have the latest technology, fastest car, or designer clothes, spend time with your family and friends and love them. Life is too short. My thoughts go out to the people who have lost their lives and their loved ones at this devastating time. #prayforParis  


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