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You Have to Laugh Tag

I was asked 12 questions by the You Have to Laugh team about the funny side of parenting. Here are my responses.

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If kids had superpowers, what would they be? Invisibility? Flight? Super strength? These would be the obvious assumptions; however, these are no ordinary superheroes. Let me introduce you to the SuperKids.


A Mother’s Love is Never Ending

What do we define as a mother? Someone who loves you and brings you up with affection and care from day dot, a person who has unconditional love for her child, a woman who will nurture and provide for her young? All of these are what you'd expect to be true, however some people out there may have a different view based on personal experience...

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I’ve Lost That Blogging Feeling

It's blogging, but not as we know it. A little tale of how it all started, and the wobbles experienced along the way.


The Daddy (Colleyswobbles) Tag

The wonderful Dawn of Rhyming with Wine tagged me in her post The Daddy Tag – “Daddy Pig” makes his blog debut quite a while ago (what can I say I'm a tad sloth like). The Daddy Tag was created by the very lovely Frenchie Mummy. So without further ado I shall introduce you to my better(ish) half,… Continue reading The Daddy (Colleyswobbles) Tag

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Tot Trumps

The title may have led you to believe this is about little people parps; well you can take a sigh of relief as this is not the case (in all honesty I’m not really convinced that would make a great read anyway). So what do I mean by Tot Trumps? Well you may be familiar… Continue reading Tot Trumps

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The Parent Crap

All I wanted was a cuddle, but instead I got a wriggling octopus with a one word Daddy Dictionary.