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You Have to Laugh Tag

I was asked 12 questions by the You Have to Laugh team about the funny side of parenting. Here are my responses.

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The Parent Crap

All I wanted was a cuddle, but instead I got a wriggling octopus with a one word Daddy Dictionary.

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10 Things I Hate* About Two

*Hate's a very strong word, I much prefer 'dislike' or 'don't really enjoy', but let's face it they wouldn't have the same ring would they? This is in no way related to Heath Ledger or Julia Stiles, no this is my honest take on why having two children can be, well shall we say - challenging. I often look back to when I had the one and there's no doubt about it, it was hard, bloody hard, but if I really think about it I had so much more opportunity to nap and watch This Morning than I do now. Oh how I miss you Phil and Holly.

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The Liebster Award

This week the lovely Sarah (@mamawifeyavery) from To Maternity and Beyond nominated me for a Liebster Award. Thank you Sarah 🙂 Apologies to any of my other lovely followers who have also nominated me for this already and I haven't reciprocated. The past few months have been busy ones and this has been the first opportunity I've had… Continue reading The Liebster Award

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That used to be me…

That used to be me sat wide eyed watching The Snowman in amazement, That used to be me leaving a carrot for Rudolph, and a mince pie for Santa Claus, That used to be me excitedly listening to my Dad read The Night Before Christmas That used to be me peering out of the window… Continue reading That used to be me…

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You Can Take the Girl Out of Yorkshire… (Part One)

Two weeks ago I was in the big smoke, or London as most people know it. The hubby and I had a rare Friday night away. A stark contrast to the usual feet up on the sofa, glass of Aldi's finest Sparkling Marlborough (don't knock it, it's the best trust me) in hand, PJ's on,… Continue reading You Can Take the Girl Out of Yorkshire… (Part One)